i first heard oklahoma johnny blue play in okc many moons ago.  the music was pure and moved me profoundly.  around the same time, he went to nashville.  however, johnny blue could not or would not fit into the box down in music town.  after that, i lost touch with him.  a few years ago i got a strong desire to try and find johnny.  it wasn't easy.  had i imagined him or does he just prefer to operate under the radar?  with dogged perseverance and patience--i stumbled onto him once more.  i was thrilled and deeply grateful to hear the music once again.  it seemed i never would.

"oklahoma johnny blue" is a song originally written to tell the story of the pure and sweet music johnny potts heard and experienced in his youth.  when the time came, john began using "oklahoma johnny blue" as his stage name.   he still resides in nashville.

these tracks are the pure oklahoma johnny blue sound................

anonymous friend of ojb